Kurdish lawmaker accused of change and the Islamic National Union of spreading chaos in the Kurdistan region

Information / special / .. accused the MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Sirwan Abdullah, Saturday, parties change, the National Islamic Union of spreading chaos and escalating protests in the Kurdistan region, while noting that Congress Kurdish parties comments were one of the reasons the spread of chaos in Kurdistan. Abdullah said He told / information / "The areas controlled by the mass change and the national unions and the Islamic experiencing chaos, as well as the escalation of protests demanding regardless salaries," pointing out that "the members of the Kurdish parties statements is one of the most important reasons for the spread of chaos within the region." He added that "the federal government is on the responsibility of the employees' salaries delay, as well as disable your Kurdistan financial stake," calling "the Governments of the region and the center to the need for joint action in order to find quick solutions in order to maintain the security of the region."
He was a local source revealed Three demonstrators were injured in Sulaymaniyah shot by Kurdish security against the backdrop of demonstrations and protests in the governorate.
saw the province of Sulaymaniyah witnessed on Friday, massive demonstrations of a number of teachers and staff and citizens, calling for the removal of regional president Massoud Barzani and reforms in Kurdistan and disbursement of overdue salaries, while the Kurdish security forces opened fire on peaceful demonstrators, killing one demonstrator and wounded several others seriously injured.