Parliament decides to re-investment law for the government to amend it


BAGHDAD / JD / .. the parliamentary finance committee, announced the intention of the House of Representatives re-investment of the government law for the purpose of making some amendments to it, noting that the law contains clauses detrimental to the Iraqi economy. A member of the Committee MP Haider Mutlaq al-Kaabi told / JD / "The committee discussed the investment law with the economic and investment commission was of the view that the law does not serve the country but would hurt the economy because it contains some paragraphs that are almost a ticking time bombs explode on the application of the law ", adding that" the two committees raised the recommendation to the presidency of the parliament for the purpose of the law to the government to make the necessary adjustments to it. " . He added that "the Finance Committee and in collaboration with the Economic Commission is seeking to enact a law to invest serve the economy and bring investors to the advancement of the economic reality of the country" .