Parliament will decide the position of the new alliances

Jubouri: legal frameworks task for any support Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives welcomed all the efforts of friends to help Iraq in the face of «Daash», pointing out that the position of any format or new alliance will be the parliament decision in it. Jubouri said in a statement received by the morning copy He said: «Iraq welcomes all efforts of friends to help him in the face Daash», stressing the need to «This support will be in a legal framework». He Jubouri that «Parliament is the one who will decide the position of any coordination with any State or of a new international hub via the vote on the request of the government», adding that «Parliament had not received any request to that effect». To an examination of al-Jubouri, with a representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jan Kubiš political developments in Iraq and the file of national reconciliation and supporting the development of the country and file displaced and procedures to help them and rehabilitate their areas liberated from the grip of Daash gangs terrorist.
The head of the Parliament on the importance of the completion of the comprehensive national reconciliation file so as to enhance the country's stability and security, adding that the Parliament is keen to support any effort that would preserve the unity of the social fabric and national cohesion and promotes unity and synergy to meet the challenges and crises, valuing at the same time the international organization's efforts to support the national reconciliation file and displaced persons. Jubouri was also received by Minister of Construction and Municipalities and Public Works Tariq Kikhany and discussed with him the legislation of laws related to the work of the ministry and the importance of housing projects citizens to end the housing shortage.