National Alliance renewed its confidence in the Prime Minister, calling him "the most serious" in fighting the corrupt

He said that attempts to withdraw confidence "information only"
Baghdad promised shammari:
Unanimously highlighted the components of the National Coalition on continued support for Government, Haider Al-Abbadi, confirmed its support for the reforms recently launched in conjunction with the wave of demonstrations in a number of provinces of the country, but invited him to a "more serious" in fighting corruption and hold causing wastage of public money.
The Prosecutor said the State of law Coalition, a gesture-murshidi, told the "new morning", that "all components of the Coalition remains supportive Government stance when Haidar Abadi".

In contrast, refers to a specific Prime Minister cons say that "said on more than one occasion about his quest to eradicate corruption, hinting the names involved in the waste of public money".
He said "he did not mention Al-murshidi expressly for these names contrary to expectations that it will judge each of the causes of corruption," Abbadi released a series of reforms, but they remain ink on paper. "

Morshedi stressed "we expect real reforms on the ground, will satisfy the Iraqi Street and come into line with the directives of the religious reference".
And notes that "some problems got inside the Islamic Dawa party, told Abadi interpreted as affecting former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
And Voyager mp State law that "relations within the party move toward censure for Abadi, preparing to collect signatures from House members, but after".
Morshedi concluded by saying "the Prime Minister must prove eligibility under the mandate of the deputies to do repairs, don't miss the opportunity to support the street."
For its part, confirms the Liberal bloc mp of the sadrist movement, Abdelaziz alzalmy "Sadrists supporting Abadi and not seek to withdraw confidence."
But alzalmy called the "new morning", the Prime Minister to "seriously face corruption and accountability are thieves of public money, especially from government officials.
As student protesters ' demands "consistent with the Constitution," but he talked about the "need to support the legislative and judicial efforts Abadi in reforms."
Alzalmy waved to "indirect signals from some among the National Alliance across the House to expel Al-Abbadi on", but that "it did not take formal; they are just informational statements or modern boards do not affect the political process."
And does not carry the Liberal mp Abadi solely responsible for declining Iraq on various sectors, "he built what was destroyed by others through Government seeks to return to the past".
A relevant level, block mp Salim Shawki "new morning", that "the Supreme Islamic Council and nearby blocks are not considering isolating Abadi".
He said Shawqi "government reforms have fallen short of some political blocs, including within the National Alliance and some began talking about the need for the dimensions of its Chairman.
"Our observations on the reforms because they did not take legal and constitutional nature."
However, this will not affect by Shawqi in "support for the Government, especially as they achieved a number of successes including its predecessors could not.
Recall that the deputies had voted in September last year the Government, Haider Al-Abadi with the participation of all the political blocs, the winner of the election.