Economy: Government under pressure to keep the economic situation on what it
August 10, 2015 4 0

Commission on the economy and investment the Government parliamentary alarakkih of internal and external pressures to maintain the present economic situation of Iraq what it, and noted that those entrenched in State ministries, confirmed that its host State officials to learn their steps followed in the light of the proposals submitted to them.

Committee member, mp Mohammed Abbas in a press statement obtained by the news agency for our economy, "the parliamentary Economic Committee presented several proposals to the Government which would promote Iraq's economy, came after hiring foreign and Iraqi experts to come up with realistic solutions possible application to avoid the economic crisis affecting the country, but the Government until now very reluctant to make decisions just to save the deteriorating economic situation in which the Tiger" , Pointing out that "there are external and internal contacts and hands invisible pressure on the Government to maintain the current economic situation to Iraq without change."

He said a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy, "this will become a penetrating inside Iraq and the Iraqi ministries", stressing that "the Parliamentary Commission on the economy will develop a schedule for the grill and host a number of officials to learn their steps in the light of the proposals made by the Committee."