Close to Al-Maliki's addressing Chalabi will become Prime Minister, no matter what I tried!
Date: Saturday 10-10-15 11:49 am

A press aide said the Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, addressing the National Alliance mp Ahmed Chalabi will not become a Prime Minister no matter what I tried.
And between journalist Hadi jalo Marei, who writes the media name hayede ' Ameri in an article published the writings of website topline skewering Chalabi: in late August I learned from sources that Ahmad Chalabi was working in a variety of ways to bring down the Government of Abadi and marketing himself as Prime Minister, or at least its Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

He pasture: here I say llgelbi you will become Prime Minister and will not become Ministers and parliamentary hide your inaccessibility now will be submitted once you cancel House very soon Insha Allah Hamad will expose you and will wake up and sharidah conscience cream chanter khaniab Asadi very soon and expose you evil scandal and not upon your plots against Abbadi and against the Governor of the Central Bank, which is trying to change it elicit someone Mwali llgelbi to dominate the financial sector and the economy.