Hidden hands to support external and internal actors pushing to keep Iraq's economy unchanged!

Special - scales News - Detection of the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Mohammed Abbas on Saturday, the government presented Alaracqah internal and external pressures in order to keep the current economic situation of Iraq on what it is, and while pointing out that those actors penetrated in state ministries, he stressed that his committee will host state officials to learn their steps followed in the light of proposals submitted to them.

Abbas said L / scales News / that "the parliamentary Economic Committee submitted several proposals to the government that the advancement of the Iraqi economy, and it came after hiring Iraqis and foreigners pour out by realistic as possible be applied to avoid the economic crisis experienced by the country, but the government so far lagging behind in a very sound decision making to save the deteriorating economic situation that we are going through, "pointing out that" there are external and internal views hidden hands and put pressure on the government to maintain the current economic situation of Iraq without change."

He said a member of the Committee of Economy parliamentary "These wills become penetrating inside Iraq and in Iraqi ministries Affairs", stressing that the "Committee for the economy in Parliament will set a schedule for the grill and host a number of officials to get to know their steps they have made in the light of proposals made by the Commission to them."

It is said that "economic expert Abdul Hassan Shammari likely, earlier, the collapse of the Iraqi economy because of lower oil prices and the lack of amounts sufficient to give the employees' salaries," noting that "at the end of 2015 will reach the budget deficit in 2015 of more than $ 40 billion."

With "stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, earlier, that the advancement of the economic reality of the country need laws that began earlier implementation has not yet implemented," noting that "the customs tariff and the protection of the national product, consumer protection and the prevention of dumping laws have not been implemented in spite of the need pressing them to solve a lot of economic problems that plagued Iraq ".anthy 29/28