Najaf reference increase pressure on al-Maliki support comprehensive accounting

It demanded reference Najaf yesterday not to cover up anyone, whatever its location and status of the accounting and legal prosecution in the corruption files, refurbished so its support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who faces big obstacles in payment Baslahath due to the reluctance of the forces of window and influential feared damage to their interests and accountability in dangerous corrupted files spread to influence various aspects of the state.

It seemed as if the words of the reference which appeared yesterday in his Friday sermon in the words of Abdul Mahdi Karbalai on behalf of Ali al-Sistani, directed directly to the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as the largest influential figure in Iraq went to accusations of responsibility for the corruption that has reached the point to empty the country's budget, as well as About weaken state institutions, particularly the armed forces which led to the fall of large parts of the country under the control of the organization Daash.

Having been a muffled conflict between the Presidents of the previous government and the current, recently he came out into the open after strong hints of corruption Abadi to his predecessor, making calculated on the last camp of politicians and militia leaders respond nervously asking Abadi clarify the real position of al-Maliki.

During the sermon, which was held yesterday in the threshold Hosseinieh Karbala Karbalai said that "the difficult situation faced by the country makes it imperative for the political forces to participate in power to pay interest in pursuing the reform process and take it forward."

He called Karbalai those forces "not to create barriers and symptoms before the reforms and the lack of coverage to anyone regardless of the location and status of the accounting and legal prosecution," calling to "get away from the rhetoric is based on the evidence through the media."

It was a statement to the prime minister used the word "commander of necessity" in hinting to his predecessor Speaking of corruption has caused a media and political uproar, and suggested that the conflict between the two men reached the stage of no return.

The observers support the reference to Najaf, Haider al-Abadi against his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki aspect of the approach pursued by the sovereign and autonomous reference about Iran and reference Qom, Maliki considered explicitly supported by Iran, while al-Abadi does not seem to place their confidence.

And it became a political issue in Iraq, a key focus of Friday sermons delivered by preachers on behalf of top cleric Ali al-Sistani is evidence of a growing spree of reference in public affairs in various respects, so that yesterday's speech offered a detailed economic situation.ARTICLE LINK