"Suspicious transactions" caused the deaths and wounding of hundreds of soldiers 10/9
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Thread: "Suspicious transactions" caused the deaths and wounding of hundreds of soldiers 10/9

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    "Suspicious transactions" caused the deaths and wounding of hundreds of soldiers 10/9

    "Suspicious transactions" caused the deaths and wounding of hundreds of soldiers .. hero al-Maliki and his son and mediator Lebanese

    An official source in the Integrity Commission, on Thursday, that the body check dangerous file includes a contract for the purchase 64 thousand a helmet and flak jacket from China for the benefit of the Iraqi army and popular Cecchelat'alhacd 'end of last year turned out to be fake and caused the killing of hundreds of army troops and'alhacd' because of bullets penetrate her easily. And reveals the Judiciary Committee investigation within the body member, that the government of Nouri al-Maliki earlier, contracted through an intermediary commercial Lebanese have links with the son of Nuri al-Maliki, Ahmed, with unnamed Chinese company to import 64 thousand helmet head and proof vest lead with bags Jnabah soldier a total value of 9 millions of dollars have been used in Iraq after distribution of the military forces and the 'crowd' and two units of Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk province, but it caused the deaths and injury of hundreds of soldiers, it is found that those helmets and protective jackets are not suitable to repel bullets, not even the mitigation of his speed.

    He adds that 'this decade caused significant casualties in the ranks of the regular Iraqi forces and the crowd was to deliver a message from an army officer with a sample of the helmet and a jacket for two in the sixth Division Brigade 24 Third Battalion of the Iraqi army were killed early last July battles with al Daash, where hacked lead Helmet and Jacket and causing latest deaths'.

    He points out that 'helmets and protective jackets received by Iraqi soldiers of Americans finally effective but the deal concluded by the al-Maliki claimed the lives of hundreds of soldiers and popular crowd'.

    In this context, Parliament confirms the press statement I followed the news, that the members and staff in the Integrity Commission started the investigation visited the fighting positions and check those helmets and jackets and talk with the soldiers directly to not politicize this dangerous file that the lives of the soldiers and the sensitivity of the subject because of its association with the war on terrorism.

    Parliamentary reveals that 'show that the Chinese company does not exist and our search for her name in the Ministry of Planning and the Government contracts and tenders, as well as through the means of communication have not found even though the company name in the contract signed by Nuri al-Maliki was' My To Be ', noting that' the Commission requested Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned the Iraqi embassy in Beijing to make sure the company locally, while still Lebanese mediator who won the part of a corrupt bargain profits, unknown'.

    Parliamentary himself and explains that 'helmets worn and a glass fiber and granulated plastic cardboard, protective jackets is a sheet metal coated bullets and carbon fiber does not contain any of the substances that repel bullets or shrapnel from the bodies of the soldiers Kalolmenyum rate or titanium and polyurethane known carbonate', pointing to that the 'new-Maliki scandal would cost a lot, especially this time that manipulate the lives of the soldiers, who have long claimed that their leader for the past eight years."

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