Kurdish lawmaker: we are heading for early elections a comprehensive, if not resolved
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Thread: Kurdish lawmaker: we are heading for early elections a comprehensive, if not resolved

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    Kurdish lawmaker: we are heading for early elections a comprehensive, if not resolved

    Kurdish lawmaker: we are heading for early elections a comprehensive, if not resolved politically presidency of the region

    ​[Baghdad - where] - Favored the MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Union Panthers beauty, that is the trend towards a comprehensive elections in the Kurdistan region is not limited to only the presidency of the region, under any circumstances is not resolved the issue of the presidency of the region politically.

    The Panthers, told all of Iraq [where], "is not reached during the meeting yesterday a final agreement, but there were common points and these points will be established to another stage, in the sense that he can not say that the meeting failed completely, but there were points in common between them In some powers of the president of the province as there were controversial points, it was to identify common points of contention, "calling on all parties to" move to reduce the leeway the dispute between them."

    With regard to the submission of candidates for the presidency explained, "there is not a single candidate, there is talk of candidates if it is to go to elections early, "pointing out that" the opposition parties said the names in the media we do not know you would be for each candidate, party or would be a single candidate for all parties.

    "He pointed Panthers to" This subject is premature because the parties did not specify until now in the final decision, you are heading to elections Or will resolve political issue, "noting" So that was the trend towards the elections, there are options other than the presidency of the region alone election government in Iraq in general and in the region, in particular, has been built and formed a consensus, which took other positions distributed to the parties according to compatibility Kriash Parliament and the Presidency Ministers and their deputies, and so I think we are heading towards an early inclusive elections, not private, headed by the province only.

    "He added that" the failure of the parties to the agreement means that there are points of contention, and we noticed the Kurdistan street limit there demonstrations because of non-payment of salaries, thus the politicians should keep in mind the street more than taking into account the interests of partisan, political and narrow.

    "And that" the crisis continues until now and will continue until a final agreement, "noting that" the presidency of the region is an institution should not be shut down the entire institution of a political dispute between the parties, Fmassh presidency of the region exercise its functions until the identification of a new prime territory, This is what is practiced Alan until a final solution to the issue of the presidency.

    "He added that" street pressure and media onslaught will be a pressure on the political parties to hold further meetings.

    "The five Kurdish parties, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Movement for Change, Jemaah Islamiyah , and the Islamic Union, held a meeting yesterday in an attempt to reach an agreement on the presidency of the Kurdistan region.

    He revealed the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan unique Asesrd, yesterday for the failure of the Kurdish parties to result in its meeting held on Thursday, on the presidency of the Kurdistan region.

    He said Asesrd , a member of the negotiating team of the National Union, the site of the Patriotic Union that "the political parties did not reach any conclusion at the meeting held in Sulaimaniya," noting that "the meeting did not issue him any communication final, because he did not reach significant results," pointing to The five parties have not set a date or place for the meeting Almqubl.

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