Protesters vow disengagement with Abadi next Friday
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Thread: Protesters vow disengagement with Abadi next Friday

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    Protesters vow disengagement with Abadi next Friday

    Protesters vow disengagement with Abadi next Friday

    BAGHDAD - Qusay Munther - Friday protesters expressed their anger to repeat the promises and the lack of real reforms from their point of view and said that next Friday will be a Friday disengagement Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who Disclaimer all its commitments on reforms. Said an activist in the demonstrations Ahmed Abdul Hussein to delegate (time) to Tahrir Square in Baghdad yesterday that (a delegation from the demonstrators visited the religious authorities in Najaf and listened clerics Bashir al-Najafi and Ishaq al-Fayad and Mohammed Said al-Hakim as well as a number of those close to the highest religious authority Ali al-Sistani to a detailed explanation from the course of events and the disappointment suffered by demonstrators by the false promises of the government without fulfill any of them)

    .bhsp Abdul-Hussein, who pointed out that (all the talks were positive and across all the references for their full support for the reforms and support the call for the rights of the people and an end to corruption and punish corrupt) He explained that (Visits will continue to references to scientific Alhuserh as well as increased coordination with everyone) .onql Abdul-Hussein al-Najafi, for saying (I am in the service of demonstrators who are zealous to reform the interest of Iraq will not be achieved only perpetuate the momentum of the demonstrations)

    .msheera to it (I recommend to stay away from factional demands NARROW) .obescon the preparation of the demonstrators said that Abdul-Hussein (continuous demonstrations and numbers are increasing despite bet some procrastination and Tamoaa demands) .bhsp Tobeirh.makda (to proceed with the claim of citizens' rights and an end to the control of some corrupt figures on the state and its leadership towards the abyss) Indicating that ( next Friday will be disengagement Balebadi who did not achieve any achievement is noteworthy in terms of reforms) .utalb demonstrators government (to implement real reforms and the prosecution of corrupt officials).

    In Karbala, hundreds of protesters came out to demand the resignation of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud and purses Aqeel Triha.oukal source (time) yesterday that (the demonstrators called for activating the role of the prosecutor and stressed the need to resolve the investment to maintain body) .ouchehdt province of Muthanna, a similar demonstration in Samawa to demand set the sons of higher education, also called for a solution to the problem of water scarcity and recovered the province of muddy water, They called on members of parliament from the province to (stand with the protesters and to meet their demands).

    In Maysan (hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the old governorate building architecture to demand the transfer of state governance of religious to civil and dismissal of Mahmoud source said on Tuesday and raised slogans are coming Eachdhara They also demanded the development of a committee for scrutiny of investment projects in the province since 2003 and so far)

    .otazahr hundreds of people Babil province city of Hilla to demand the resignation of Mahmoud resolution of the House of Representatives and provincial councils and called Abbadi (implementation of further reforms) .ootooq protesters province of Diwaniya, the headquarters of the Islamic Virtue Party, which belongs to him Mahafez.oukal source yesterday that (hundreds of people of the province demonstrated in the city of Diwaniyah to demand reforms in The local government and state institutions in general), adding that (some of the demonstrators went to the headquarters of the Virtue Party, which belongs to his neo-conservative Sami al-Hasnawi and Toukoh to protest the appointment of Hasnawi, who say it is not from the people of Diwaniya)

    .uchark hundreds in demonstrations near the Court of the province of Basra and demanded to conduct a wide reforms and improvement of basic services and to give the province they deserve funds and high government positions. And download MP Kazem Al Shammari national coalition of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responsibility for causing disappointment among the demonstrators.

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