Deputy for the invitation to Ebadi: We knew of the intended by the commander 10/9
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Thread: Deputy for the invitation to Ebadi: We knew of the intended by the commander 10/9

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    Deputy for the invitation to Ebadi: We knew of the intended by the commander 10/9

    Deputy for the invitation to Ebadi: We knew of the intended by the commander of necessity], corruption is still your government

    Deputy call for parliamentary bloc, said the bloc knew he meant the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, he [the commander of necessity ". He explained Nazem al-Saadi, told all of Iraq [where], "We are convinced that the dictator is ousted president Saddam Hussein, and described the leader of necessity call it, as we are convinced of justifying and clarifying Abadi what he meant."

    "Either Maitalq elections they did not get era Maliki only but in all previous governments, including the government of Iyad Allawi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari therefore, wasting money and corruption exists in the State and that the corrupt are present in all these successive governments and so far, so Corruption is not only in the Maliki government.

    "Among Saadi" We have asked for clarification from Abadi, for the purpose of this speak with a Mordan that Maliki is the person intended So we asked the Prime Minister to clarify that it is said that and said that [Saddam] is meant.

    "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has attacked last Saturday corruption he described as" the ruler and commander of necessity "in previous governments and from the distribution donations in times of elections, sparking the ire of a coalition of state law and the Islamic Dawa Party as a sign of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    He asked Abadi, in his press conference, "Why is there no reserve cash a government? Is it acceptable that we walk the policy of the country in this way and lose wealth in those years ? With the opulence of the previous governments and increased bidding by the leader of necessity .. Is that permissible?".

    He stressed," this may not be being does not belong to one because he belongs to the people and no one has the right be so kind to people and gives them increases even elect him .. this is not true, "adding that "the distribution of donations in times of corruption elections should be held accountable for it, and we started so being corrupt exploitation of the election to pay for something that is not from the king of the ruling because he belongs to the Iraqi people."

    He called the Islamic Dawa Party, which belongs to -almaliki and Alebadi- Prime Minister to clarify the meaning of his words [ Commander necessary] in an official statement being as deputy state law, Hussein al-Maliki told [where] "recipe refers to al-Maliki," noting that "the words that fired that the commander of necessity is ousted president Saddam Hussein, it was executed, and years even before receiving Abadi to head the government, either linked to this description with the corruption and the distribution of donations election days, it referring to al-Maliki.

    "The effect of this claim has already issued the Information Office of the Prime Minister last Tuesday, an official statement explaining the circumstances of this description, and confirmed that it was intended to ousted president Saddam Hussein.

    The statement said The modern Abadi "at the press conference last Saturday for accounting previous governments prompt both held the post in the government and the cause of wasting public money and the loss of Iraq's wealth and that past in this approach to the fight against corruption and the corrupt."

    The statement added that "the prime minister as long as stressed in his speech and in more than occasion the importance of maintaining the wealth of Iraq and reform of the country and move towards a state of institutions and the peaceful transfer of power away from the Baath methods offender and was called by the commander necessary] a tyrant buried Saddam, a description of the situation experienced by the Iraqis in 2003 before adhere culture produced practices and accumulations situation arrived Iraq them from the spread of the phenomena of corruption and waste of money wildly absurd manner led to flooding in the country's economic and social problems".

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