Jubouri announced discuss the Japanese loan this week

- OCTOBER 9, 2015

The arrival of the candidates of the Federal service names to Parliament

Jubouri announced discuss the Japanese loan this week

BAGHDAD - Mohammed Al-Salhi

Search House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, a member of the Council with the Japanese Yuriko Koike parliamentary relations and upgrade them to serve the interests of the two friendly countries.

Said a statement received (time) yesterday that (al-Jubouri Search with Yuriko parliamentary relations and ways of developing and upgrading them to serve the interests of both countries). Jubouri said that (Iraq has the desire and the will in order to reach stability in spite of the big challenges facing). Adding that we (are involved in joint collaboration between all Mkunatena to reach this goal). He pointed to (the importance of coordination between the Iraqi Parliament and the Japanese to exchange experiences and work in order to raise the profile of the work of parliamentary committees). Pointing out that the (Iraqi parliament completed the discussion on the Japanese loan and this week will be ready for a vote within the parliament). As discussed with al-Jubouri, the Russian ambassador to Iraq, Ilya Murgunov. The latest developments in the region and the international coordination in the fight al Daash terrorist, and said al-Jubouri (the importance of concerted international efforts to support and assist Iraq, which became defends the security of the region and the world, and offers great sacrifices of the blood of his children in the face of terrorism) pointing out that the (Russia-friendly Iraq state and the two countries a long history of bilateral relations, positive and fruitful).

For his part, Murgunov (his country's keenness on providing support and assistance to Iraq in the face of terrorism).

Jubouri said during a meeting with Secretary General of the League of the Righteous Qais al-Khazali that national reconciliation will not be effective if it is touched citizen in word and deed, called for the importance of strengthening the internal cohesion of the community. The search of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi with the Romanian ambassador in Baghdad need to take advantage of the experience of Romania in building a healthy and effective emergency sector in Iraq. Hamoudi said in a statement received (time) yesterday that the (country vector to achieve a secure investment climate to facilitate the work of investors and provide all potential logistical and security to them, especially after the adoption of the investment law in the near future). Stressing (the necessity of activating friendship committees between the two sides, especially in the field of economy and investment, and integrity).

For his part, the Romanian ambassador to his country's keenness on deepening bilateral relations with Iraq in particular, which would contribute to strengthening economic and investment reality in the country. Hamoudi also announced the arrival of names of candidates for the presidency and the membership of the Federal service to the parliament, stressing that the Council will vote on the names of the candidates soon. The statement said that (the names of the presidency and members of the Federal service arrived at the Council). Hamoudi said that (the House of Representatives will vote on the candidate names during its meetings with the nearest possible duration). He added that (this Council has a significant role in the reduction of administrative and financial corruption by adopting efficient and professional away from the narrow favoritism as well as giving him broad powers to announce the appointments in various state institutions for different the people without discrimination).