Sistani calls to punish any corrupt official, whatever its location

Writings Friday, October, 201 509

Certified student religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai punish every corrupt official, whatever the stature and demanded the security authorities to assume their responsibility to protect citizens from terrorist attacks, stressing the need to take on the government capable of avoiding the repercussions of the current financial crisis in Iraq's economic measures.

He said in his Friday sermon in the dish-Husseini Karbala: 'still our brothers and sons in the heroic armed forces and supported by volunteers and members of the tribes continue to fight the terrorists in different fronts, and in recent days have had significant progress in Anbar province, and were able to free up some important areas, and ask Allah that gives them more power and patience and fortitude. "

He added: 'The terrorists Aldoaash still engaged in the most heinous crimes and Avdaha and brag about it without shame or modesty, and that targeted car bombs markets crowded with citizens, as happened in the pure and Zubair in the last week which claimed the lives of many innocent people who shed their blood pure injustice, once again claim the security authorities to shoulder its responsibility to protect citizens from the baddies'.

And on the financial crisis in Iraq, Karbalai said: 'The current situation portends serious problems in the general budget for the coming years, pointing to the need to exchange important financial materials in the coverage of the war on Daash costs, noting that what is observed is draining a lot of money in consumer spending without There are noticeable signs of development in the agricultural and industrial production, with possibilities for asylum State to borrow, which will saddle the state budget larger because of what borne by the very benefits, this situation indicates that the need for economic, financial and developmental real action and within the agreed timeframe clearly become necessary today more than ever before '.

Karbalai called to the Integrity Commission not to delay in the detection of senior accused of corruption files and forwarded to the judiciary. And it demanded the central government to enlist the expertise of economists and financial experts, national and maximum speed to cope with the financial and economic crisis faced by the country, stressing the need to be within those priority actions to achieve social justice by reducing the large differences between the salaries of state employees.

Said Karbalai: 'The need for a quick and important measures of the economic situation of the country has become today an urgent need after the bad financial situation of the country by taking advantage of economists and financial experts in the country and address all problems through several factors, the most important achievement of social justice and the abandonment of unnecessary expenditures in Country.