Trade»: constant attempts to block the insurance contracts of the food vocabulary

For purposes connected with corruption and shut down State efforts to secure

Baghdad Zaynab:
The Trade Ministry said that there are ongoing attempts to block the contracts Department in securing food vocabulary and thwarting the goals associated with corruption and shut down the State's efforts in securing the food basket for Iraqis.
The Ministry said in a statement from the Office of Minister of trade Mohammed Abdel Karim's engineer that there are contacts and people trying to obstruct the efforts of the Ministry in implementing contracts and continuing objective obstacles companies that serve Iraqi citizens through the supplied the vocabulary of unknown origins or poor.
The Ministry said it had begun steps to supply good food vocabulary through supply basmati rice, cooking oil and wheat from global origins but it has borne the burdens of those steps through the direct targeting and smear campaigns by third-party sites and their brokers to keep the Ministry to supply poor vocabulary and prevent almferdt good and fabricated these attempts, along with the ways in which those actors.
The Ministry said in its statement that the mechanisms used by the Ministry related to the law and help Central and the central Contract Committee represented all jurisdictional departments and companies as well as regulatory and inspection which prohibit all engagements and has a view to the adoption of such tenders.
The Ministry said that somebody is trying to put the cart before the horse and stop contracting and procurement process through ongoing targets began trying to thwart decades basmati rice that we happened where ECE approval of Cabinet and the sales process by a legal but corrupt and burdensome for losers who returned the vocabulary is invalid or bad.
At the Trade Ministry denied responsibility connected in not delivering food to the vocabulary areas where confrontations in modern and Al-Baghdadi in Anbar, asserting the existence of a vocabulary sufficient to cover the needs of those areas through its warehouses in the provinces of Karbala and Baghdad.
She explained that the responsibility for providing food vocabulary of these areas depends on the attribution of the local government in Anbar and the security forces in operations to deliver food to those areas vocabulary.
The Ministry denied in a statement to the media by the President of the Office of the provincial Council for media and responsible for delivering food to our vocabulary in Anbar, responsibility in this aspect of solidarity between the Central Government and the Government of Anbar addendum to support security forces in circuit breaker operation, and the fact that the Ministry of Commerce Ministry service responsible for providing food vocabulary file and distribute it to safe areas with security and support local government and provincial councils.
The Ministry said the Trade Minister earlier met with many conservative officials and tribesmen to create a plan for the delivery of the food vocabulary in the provinces of Karbala and Baghdad, the Ministry has also delivered via air transport vocabulary but limits the quantities was not able to be provided continuously. She noted that the security situation in the province and great activity for security agencies to eradicate the terrorist organization daash makes difficult the Transport Ministry's fleet which displays his associates to murder and intimidation by previous campaigns to deliver the vocabulary to those areas.
The Ministry called on the Governor of Anbar provincial Council, and the security forces to join hands in bringing the vocabulary program and clear work mechanism ensures secure commerce vocabulary but requires that there should be efforts to delivery through support for clans and local Governments concerned originally delivered that vocabulary at this stage.
She stressed that the speeches and statements of the treated humanitarian problem faced by the people of Anbar and difficulties concerning food security which requires us all to solve the problem and find a way to move that material from stores to areas experiencing food shortages.
Trade has contracted with local carriers for the delivery of such vocabulary to modern areas, Al-Baghdadi but the contracting process requires other funds financial allocations in the budget of the Ministry and there are no required effort and the participation of local government and the Ministry of displacement and migration.