Sistani warns of external borrowing and calls for the use of expertise

Representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai said that the difficult financial situation through which Iraq threatens to "serious problems" in the coming years.

He warned Alkrblaia- a reference Ali al-Sistani representative in Krblane- of the government resorting to external borrowing being will saddle the state budget.
And he called for "economic and development real action and the use of experts in this field to develop plans to address the crisis." It also called on citizens to contribute to address this national crisis and not be ignored.

Karbalai also condemned the bombings of the popular markets in Zubair, pure and said it represented "the worst and most terrible crimes," practiced by the organization Daash.

And new security agencies should take their responsibility to protect citizens and confirmed the existence of "significant progress" of the armed forces and volunteers and members of tribes in Anbar fighting.