The religious authority calls for the integrity not to delay disclosure of the files of corruption, whatever the accused names

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - called on the Supreme religious authority to the Integrity Commission not to delay disclosure of corruption, whatever the accused names in these files.

The representative of authority in the province of Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday prayers attended by (IMN) said that "our brothers in the armed sustenance heroine is supported by volunteers and members of the clans are still continuing to fight the terrorists in different fronts, where they had made significant progress in Anbar and freed some important areas".

"The Aldoaash are still engaged in the most heinous crimes including car bombings targeted markets Almktdh citizens, as happened in the towns of Khalis, Zubair, claimed the lives of many innocent people," and urged security authorities to "shoulder its responsibility to protect citizens from the bad guys."

He Karbalai that "borrowing will saddle the state budget larger because of what borne by the very benefits of altitude on this debt," noting that "the need for economic, financial and developmental real action and within the agreed time frame and clearly has become more necessary than ever".

He pointed out that "from the concerned authorities hoped that the acceleration to seek the assistance of experts and specialists, especially qualified Iraqi keen on the future of the country, to develop a real and serious occasion to address the existing problems that are exacerbated by the plans."

Karbalai and stressed the importance of "working to achieve social justice in government jobs and in pension rights, by reducing the differences between the salaries and allowances and to reconsider the amounts disbursed consumer expenditure is necessary."

He added that "the situation of the country makes it imperative for the political forces to participate in power to pay attention to the process of reform and to take it forward and not to create barriers and obstacles before it, and the lack of coverage to anyone regardless of the location and place of the prosecution, and stay away from the media bickering and finger-pointing is not based on clear evidence".

He stressed Karbalai on the Integrity Commission "not to long delays in the detection of senior defendants file corruption and refer them to eliminate," Daasha the judiciary "to be strong, but Adahn not favoring one and not be subject to any pressure from any quarter, and the government should provide the necessary protection to the judges in charge of the files of corruption".