Iraqi Kurdistan needs intíl assistance to solve its financial, political crisis: speaker

​ERBIL-Hewler, Kurdistan region ĎIraqí, Iraqi Kurdistan Parliamentís speaker said on Tuesday the region is in need of assistance from the international community to solve its financial, political and diplomacy issues. Speaker Yousif Mohammed met with the Netherlandsí ambassador to Iraq, Jan Hendrik Valtmans, to discuss the ongoing fight against the Islamic State (IS), the financial and humanitarian crises facing the region as well as bilateral relations. ďDespite its issues, the Kurdistan has taken in nearly two million refugees, which is why we need the international communityís assistance for our financial, political and diplomacy issues,Ē Mohammed said. Ambassador Valtmans praised Peshmerga for their efforts against IS and said he hoped officials from Erbil and Baghdad would find a solution to outstanding issues through dialogue. The war against the militants in northern Iraq, a drop in global oil prices and an influx of over 1.8 million displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees has compounded the regionís economic troubles. The Kurdistan Region is also facing a political crisis as the five main political parties held their ninth round of talks on the presidency Thursday, following months of political deadlock and rescheduled meetings.