The resignation of a member of parliament in Kurdistan

Twilight News / member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament announced Haji Karwan Islamic Union Party for his resignation from the membership of Parliament to protest the lack of the political parties agree on a solution to the crisis Presidency of the Kurdistan Region.

He wrote Karwan on his page on the social networking site (Facebook) and I followed Twilight News, directed his words masses Kurdistan he promised them that if the parties do not reach an agreement, he would resign from the membership of the parliament, adding that he announced today his resignation, because he did not go to Parliament to talk and guide criticism or just to enrich, but because it is the defense of the sufferings of the people through parliament.

However, it appears that the parties advance the interests of their party and its leaders on the interests of the people, noting that he does not run away from responsibility, but the responsibility does not may be performed Dtkhal Parliament.

He said he will submit his resignation to parliament and then President of the Parliament to take place within the work program for a majority vote on it, adding that he would not fail to perform its services and fight corruption.