Via Iraqi ministry of defence
Mins 21
Defense Minister Gen. John Allen receives the international coalition coordinator

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Mr. Defense Minister, Dr. Khalid al-Obeidi met Thursday morning 08/10/2015 Gen. (John Allen) International Coalition coordinator of the company, Mr. Stuart Jones Ambassador of the United States in Baghdad.

Mr. Defense Minister, and reviewed developments in military operations carried out by our valiant in categorical operations Anbar and the great victories achieved in the city of Ramadi, stressing The forces of terrorism in the case of a complete breakdown by the blows of our forces, and that the gray and her family with the Iraqis on a date with victory apron, God willing Sazv soon.
Assured the minister that there is an integrated plan has been prepared for the post-edit gray include keeping the earth mechanisms, as well as the provision of services fundamental to the people of the region pointing out that the course of operations will start after that to liberate the rest of Iraq cities that disgraced Aldoaash and until the liberation of the whole Iraqi soil.
For his part, Mr. (Allen) continued support of the international coalition in Iraq and the assignment of our forces in all fields, praising the great triumphs of Iraqi forces in the city of Ramadi, in the hope that expire in the near future.

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