1.0002 million dinars pension for Martyrs 8/10/2015
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Thread: 1.0002 million dinars pension for Martyrs 8/10/2015

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    1.0002 million dinars pension for Martyrs 8/10/2015

    1.0002 million dinars pension for Martyrs

    Nasiriyah - Hazem Mohammed Habib - fired retirement Directorate of Dhi Qar, 500 of the martyrs of the popular crowd and forces and security for the month of September salaries after the completion of their identities pensions in their homes, while Qaimmqamah spend Nasiriyah announced stop the project of sewage Nasiriyah because of financial hardship.

    Department director Ahmad al-Zaidi said in a statement »Sabah»: The completion of the martyrs of the popular crowd and security forces transactions and exchange identities pensions have been in their homes in a campaign to simplify the procedures launched by the government.

    He noted that the pensions that have been distributed to the martyrs of the popular crowd equivalent employees of the Interior Ministry, which up to a million salaries and 200 000 dinars, As sued those with Martyrs salary security forces themselves and provisions that were charged by the martyr in his unit before his death.

    It is said that the retirement of the Department of Dhi Qar, confirmed that the beginning of next week will see the direct distribution of retired civilian pensioners totaling 70 000 salaries, with 100 salaries thousand retired distributed military registered and martyrs in the Martyrs Foundation for the month of September. He said al-Zaidi said the department received 148 treatment of retired political prisoners and detainees Rafha is the second installment to be accomplished by the department after it was completed in a former first batch, which included 104 transactions time, warning that the circuit will be allocated on Friday officially permanent staff for the completion of those transactions and the exchange identities of retirees. He pointed out that the concerned authorities recently issued a directive provides for the establishment of retirement services in the provinces completion of political prisoners transactions in their provinces without their review of Baghdad.

    In Dhi Qar, too, said Mayor spend Nasiriyah Ali Hassan angry statement »Sabah» to stop the project of sewerage great Nasiriyah because of scarcity of funds and non-payment of the rest of the company executing the project benefits by the Ministry of Housing and Public municipalities amounting to 28 billion dinars of the total aggregate amount of $ 251 billion dinars. He explained that the project completion rate exceeded 75 percent, as the company completed the D carrier networks and lines along the 150 kilometers in a number of districts covered by the project services, as well as the completion of 39 station electronic lift, indicating that the company has demanded payment of dues to move the implementation of the project. He called on the government to angry allocated a special budget to implement the project, even in the form of stages with a view to being admitted to the service, because it is one of the important strategic projects that serve the city of Nasiriyah Besobh the center of the island and the Levantine. He said the completion of the D-five kilometers from the drinking water transmission lines in the Apostle neighborhood behind earthen dam in Nasiriyah city center, as it is one of the areas that lack water networks, as well as the completion of the repair work some Aleksorat in ancient and direct the process of pumping lines demo by four times a day to make sure the work normally after lines linking the new line parallel to the line of crude near the helm suggestive.

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