Abadi: I will not give Kurdistan region accounted for from the budget next year!

08-10-2015 07:30 PM

Said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Zaher al-Abadi, about a block 'State of Law', on Thursday, he said that the Government of the Territory, will not be granted 17% of the budget next year, only after the payment of all amounts obtained from the sale of oil revenues for the past months , apart from the federal government.

Abadi said in a press statement, 'that the granting of the region's share of 17% of the country's budget, subject to extradite him money obtained from the sale of oil to the federal government alone.'

He explained that the 'region, even though before returning to the oil agreement, concluded between the two parties, the rate of the budget, would not set unless reimburse the funds obtained from the sale of oil for the past months, and that the 17% rate, shall not be granted to the region of the total budget, but from revenue actually achieved, which of course be less revenue from speculative '.