Hakim reference calls to unite and direct energies toward building state institutions
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Thread: Hakim reference calls to unite and direct energies toward building state institutions

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    Hakim reference calls to unite and direct energies toward building state institutions

    Hakim reference calls to unite and direct energies toward building state institutions

    [Najaf - where] called religious authority, Mr. Mohammed Said al-Hakim, Almtsidin to politics to unite and direct energies toward building state institutions, pointing to the importance and the need to address the problem of the displaced.

    Hakim said the reference, during his speech delivered on his behalf by his son, Alaa al-Hakim in a conference whistleblower twenty-ninth and amounts in the province of Najaf, "the Iraqi people are exposed and Shiite Ahl al-Bayt [peace be upon them] to terrorist fierce attack led to the death and injury of countless innocent people and the displacement of hundreds of thousands safe families and almost the country to fall victim, however, criminals not for divine care, and the intervention of the religious authority in the defense of the holy sites and Spirits, was the response of the faithful to enter into the field effect in repelling those obscurantism attack. "He added," While we appreciate that stance courage and altruism call on informants to communication with the defenders and motivating and strengthening their opponents, as we call Almtsidin the public would demand international institutions to deal with these criminal operations as genocide and crimes against humanity, and the pursuit of supported through international organizations.

    "He called Almtsidin political Shan to" unite and direct energies toward the goal of building State institutions on sound foundations to provide services to citizens.

    "The reference al-Hakim," the need to address the problem of displaced people and alleviate their suffering and to benefit from the expertise of international organizations in this field, and care for the families of martyrs, the wounded and alleviate their suffering.

    "He called whistleblower and amounts to" search for the reality of these sacred Renaissance [incident tuff and dimensions ideological objectives and Adersoha objective study in order to get to know them and let them know believers that they may add insight into their religion and sturdier him and on his behalf, and to know the faithful of the importance of the revival of this holy anniversary in keeping religion and renew its vitality and the establishment of his being and persistence in front of hostile forces, and perhaps as confirmed imams pure the neighborhoods and urged that the various methods and praised the grace and a great reward in many conversations should statement reportedly released them peace so and recalled him because their words and attitudes process its own souls of believers and knows the believers that what they are doing application of what was ordered by the imams Shiites ceremony.

    "He pointed to the need that communicants benefit "from this season to broadcast public religious culture in belief and behavior and the definition of symbols of religion and thin their representatives and symbols of tyranny and Anahtathm and alert the faithful to what they have to recognize the reality of their religion and AlTafaqah the pride Bermzh and work his teachings Semitism and innocence of tyrants and deviants."

    He pointed wise to reference "the need to take into account the most important of these ceremonies purpose and who assured him Ahlulbait in many conversations, an offer plaint master of martyrs and private plaint people of the General House and Altfja her, and raise the emotional aspects of the different methods about their delusions, and came down their van at the performance of their right and an expression of Mwalathm and to be their delusions Peace them cause for Dismayed Shiites and their reason to adhere to their suffering and patience of what is going through their tragedies for the sake of their careers".

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