Finance Committee: 2016 budget devoid of any investment projects
Date: 08/10/2015 10:11

According to a member of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Sarhan, Thursday, that the next year's budget in 2016 free of investment projects, which is similar to the previous year's budget.

He said Ahmed told / information / "The 2016 budget is free of any investment projects because of the large deficit as well as on corruption."
He added that "the majority of the budget for next year go to the operational sectors of government and does not have any allocations for investment or infrastructure development."
The member of the Finance Committee that "the deficit ratio stood at 29 trillion dinars, while oil revenues represent 69 trillion and non-oil 14 trillion dinars and a half trillion," pointing out that "the value of the expected imports amounted to 84 trillion, and spending 113 trillion, so the budget only operational as a whole."
He pointed out that "the government can not develop sectors to boost the budget for the existence of the corruption that has bedeviled the economy and wealth, becoming a budget similar to the budget of last year, except for a difference figures, without tabs for the development of other sectors," warning "from the economic downturn in the country and contraction because of the budget deficit in general," .anthy / 25 R.