REF Fayad: country in crisis trust agents as a result of corrupt political heritage

October 8th, 2015 12:55 pm

He said religious authority Sheikh Mohammed Ishaq Al-Fayad said the country was undergoing a crisis of confidence as a result of corrupt political heritage officials which left a lot of problems.
Fayad said the reference in his speech during the twenty-ninth Conference of whistleblower speech Hojjatoleslam Val Muslimin Sheikh Shelia must discourage those responsible for awakening the crowd locked Jihad volunteers to fight extremist and terrorist gangs who lurk in this country so bad of humiliation and killing and displacement ".
He noted that "the role of communication in this month to its growing impact in the hearts of believers and make this month a chance to thinning of hearts and that amounts to one of the greatest causes of hidaya ignorant but obstinate", stressing that "people take bkraaem DIN and reject the ones that violated it."
He drew attention to the need to "not take whistle-blowers at the Lome match with Al-Hasani talk and clear argument accepted km we recommend leaving the extremism of Word and deed and to build confidence in the hearts of the audience for whom he said he would invite informants to laihidwa moral guidance and meaning of metaphysics from the book of Allah and Nabih year hard {PBUH peace}", stating that "the pulpit to rally the faithful welaivotna Hosseini wake encouraging responsible crowds uttered volunteers to fight the terrorists execute pre-set rates because extremists lie this country poor, humiliation and fighting Add the remaining displaced from their homes.
He stressed the need to "communicate with the moral order not dissipate, dissipated daunting efforts, pointing out that" after passage by the country from a crisis in public confidence in public officials and the urgent need to meet the needs of citizens and their claim and repair corrupt of the country and its institutions as a result of corrupt political tradition behind many problems. "
That "undermine the capacity of the State budget and hindered the fulfilment of its obligations towards the people of liberal dad extensions {PBUH} halves of the oppressed and the equitable distribution of rights and victory for the underprivileged, we recommend that the voice of the oppressed through the platforms of Hosseinieh alarm locations and dereliction of Government."
He invited the Government to "speed up the implementation of promised reforms and be effective and serious touches actually change pervert actually before it's too late."