Office Abadi: pulling bills from Parliament to adapt to reforms

Baghdad/sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network (IMN) - spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hadithi that pulling bills from the House of representatives was to adapt it and make it fit with the reforms and the Government's new economic vision.

He said Al-Hadithi (IMN) that "the Government has withdrawn the Bills from the House, which was submitted by the former Government as they filed under conditions different from the financial situation faced by Iraq", adding that "many of the projects submitted in the previous Government resulted in a substantial financial burden on the present Government be approved, so there need to be reviewed, taking into account the financial circumstances of the country."

He noted that "there are some projects that have provided direct contact with government reforms and restructuring of the economy and the financial and administrative reform for the Government", adding that "the withdrawal of some of the laws is to adapt and make them more compatible with economic reforms and the Government's new vision as regards the restructuring of the economy and stimulate investment and strengthen the private sector's role and reform of State institutions at the level of the administrative and financial" Hadithi "Cabinet return laws to Parliament in one batch , But would be returned after examination and votes within the Council of Ministers, after reformulating the text and add other paragraphs, by competent Cabinet paradise".

The decision said the House of Imad John (IMN) that "the Government has withdrawn more than 100 laws and did not legally have only 50," indicating that "the withdrawal of laws did not significantly affect the work of the Parliament because it has regulatory and legislative tasks.

The Cabinet had decided at its regular, withdraw the Bills sent to the House by the previous Government, without giving further details.