The announcement of the reduction in 2016 budget of 113 trillion to 100 trillion dinars

Writings Thursday, October, 201 508

Confirmed member of the Economic Committee MP Najiba Najib, the government and parliament Mottaghan to reduce the 2016 budget of 113 trillion to 100 trillion dinars.
She said Najib told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that 'economic and financial committees in Parliament that they began pressuring operational and investment expenditure in the budget of 2016 to further austerity point to Aissalhma to 100 trillion dinars instead of 113 trillion, noting that the ministerial committee which was formed to discuss the increased revenue oil will not be able to link 10% of the revenue Maineks a negative impact on budget revenues'.
Najib called on the government not to stand idly by and confirmation by the government 'is the proportion of tax revenue collection and customs revenue to make up for the budget and to be able to fill the need for war against Daash displaced expenses and expenses'.
She continued, that 'the financial crisis that hit the country were the result of previous governments failed to budget management and the development of budgets and lack of investment explosive White dinar in the black today, a Matdf toll of the current government'.
The Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft 2016 budget expenditure of up to 113 trillion dinars divided its operation budget is estimated at 83 Trliuna and investment budget by 30 Trliuna './