He refused to borrow a representative of the United States 10/7/2015
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Thread: He refused to borrow a representative of the United States 10/7/2015

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    He refused to borrow a representative of the United States 10/7/2015

    He refused to borrow a representative of the United States

    BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid - said member of the Finance Committee for the Liberal bloc Hossam punitive that his committee refused to borrow from the US project due to the high interest rates incurred by him up to 11 and a half percent. He said punitive "morning" had been rejected a draft of the government snapped a loan from overseas countries, specifically the United States by the Finance Committee where he was standing on a lot of points in it which showed that the loan is not large and the estimated one and a half billion in return that paid a very high and the benefits large estimated at 11 and a half percent, costing Iraq very high amounts.

    "He added: were discussed fiscal policy in Iraq is difficult and the situation is going through the country by hosting Zebari and the lack of financial liquidity sufficient in the budget of 2015 and discuss the draft 2016 budget and stand on many of the paragraphs and the differences that exist between Almoisntin and discuss the issue devoted to the inability of loans.

    "As for the region's share in the budget of 2016, the punitive He explained that it remain as it is not changed any it 17 percent, calling for a review of the agreement between the government and the province in particular that he and three months ago was not sent oil to SOMO and convert imports territory to the government and therefore government allocations did not send to the region.

    He continued: The principle of the region's share is and the amount of exporting the same oil, but it is necessary to reconsider the agreement and increase the quantity exported and that up to 700 or 750 000 barrels between Kirkuk and the Kurdistan fields.

    of For his part, said a member of the Legal Committee for the mass change of Kurdish Amin Bakr said Finance Committee refused to borrow from the United States because of the great interest on the loan, noting that the 2016 version of the budget 2015 budget, said Baker "morning": the Finance Committee deliberated many things with Minister of Finance, one of them said the ministry tried to get money from the sale of bonds and was able to get a trillion and 200 million Dolarvqt interest rate of 11 and a half percent per year, "noting that the amount of interest is very large.

    He added that reducing the price of a barrel from $ 45 a barrel, the government's decision and remains as it is, noting that the budget of 2016 is similar to a large extent to the budget in 2015 and that the changes are not the big picture which is reflected on the reality of the country.
    The share of the Kurdistan region, he noted MP that the government relied on the former oil agreement between the government and the province that is to say the case remains the same and there is no change.

    The Finance Committee has discussed yesterday with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and general managers of the departments of public debt and the budget, accounting and Inspector General of the Ministry and a representative of the General Authority for taxes position of internal and external public debt and the issuance of foreign bonds and the implementation of the budget in 2015, in the area of revenue and expenditure.

    The Committee also discussed the hosted by the Minister of Finance and general managers in the Parliament a draft 2016 budget law and the commitment of the Ministry of Finance lifted in time timings specified in the financial management and building.

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