Nashor: put the savings at banks to ensure and increase growth

Baghdad/sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network (IMN) - Iraqi industrial bank said Kazem nashor that citizens rumor put financial savings in the Bank because of the security guarantee and increase personal and national economic growth.

Nashor explained (IMN) to "save money at home is not safe, so the open current accounts or savings accounts contribute to personal and economic growth."

And demanded a parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment earlier, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to send a Bill to the Central Bank and State banks for the purpose of amendment and approved by Parliament.

"The new regulations on private banks would provide (online systems), and there is a need for personal attendance of the applicant".

Economists highlighted a clear increase in economic growth after launching a government loans, which will move the economy and increase GDP through moving all economic sectors.

The Central Bank Governor said the relationship earlier that launch loans to industrial and agricultural projects, housing, part of the process of absorption of unemployment, primarily support the local product, especially after Iraq was affected by lower global oil prices.