American Consulate inErbil, explains: so get the visa

Twilight news / u.s. Consulate General issued in Erbil on Wednesday, an explanation on how to get a visa, visa for entry into the United States, noting the possibility of registering to enter the lottery for a visa until early November.

In came the clarification obtained by twilight news, that everyone still has plenty of time to register for the Diversity Visa Lottery program, noting that lottery program to 2017 on 3 November.

He advised those interested to register illustration look at the frequently asked questions about the lottery, with answers from the Bureau of Consular Affairs in the Foreign Ministry.

He said that getting the diversity visa (DV), a person can live and work in the United States, but the u.s. Government will not be responsible for payment of the fare, or find a place to stay or work, stressing that proves he will become dependent on the u.s. Government to cover his living expenses.

He must prove that he owns a specific amount of money, pointing out that the consular officer will consider the totality of the circumstances of the person during the visa interview.

He also explained that both husband and wife apply if each meets the eligibility requirements, indicating that if you chose any one of them, the other can apply as a person.

And on the amount of fees levied for registration in the diversity visa program, explanation of frauds relating to diversity visa fee, saying there is no fee to register in the program.

He pointed out that if a person was chosen, pay the visa fee at the Embassy when being interviewed.