Grace: Ani statements about efforts to dismiss Abadi attempt to stir up discord within the rule of law


(Independent) .. described the MP for the coalition of state law emotions grace MP from the Union of Forces Dhafer al-Ani's comments in which the presence of personalities within the coalition is seeking to dismiss the prime minister Haider al-Abadi claimed as "a failed attempt to stir up discord within the coalition of state law."

Said in a statement reported by its press office today, "said al-Ani's comments reflect his dream of fomenting discord within the coalition of the rule of law through divide and rule, and Anstgrb such attempts in the presence of living on provoke differences and strife and political problems."

She added: "The al-Ani is not a spokesman for a coalition of state law, and better for him to take care of the affairs of the bloc instead of fabricating things does not exist for her, especially since the country today need to close ranks rather than shipping and sedition." (End)