EU considers implementation of reforms is essential for political and economic 10/6
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Thread: EU considers implementation of reforms is essential for political and economic 10/6

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    EU considers implementation of reforms is essential for political and economic 10/6

    The EU considers the implementation of reforms is essential for political and economic progress in Iraq

    [Baghdad - where] the European Union during the counting welcomed government reforms, implementation of reforms is central political and economic progress in Iraq. According to a statement issued by the High Representative of the European Union and Deputy European Commission President Federica Mgrena, "The deteriorating situation in the Middle East, especially in countries facing the threat of extremist Daash violence, was the main topic of the meeting of the United Nations seventy in New York this month," adding that "Iraq is one of the countries in the front conflict and deserves support from the international community.

    "The statement quoted Mgrena to say," I expressed in my meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari in New York last September 26, that the European Union strongly elected government supports the democratically led by Haider al-Abadi, and he welcomes commitments the Iraqi government in 2014 September program and who is looking to establish on national reconciliation substantive political reforms inclusive government.

    "She added," The European Union strongly supports the reforms launched in August 2015 and that the Iraqi government announced in order to fight corruption and improve services to citizens and strengthen the government's package.

    "She said "The European Union calls on all parties in the Iraqi community to show their support for these reforms and their implementation, where it is substantial political, economic and societal progress in the whole of Iraq, which in turn provide a better life for the Iraqis, and the existence of a unified Iraq enhances the effectiveness of the fight against Daash."

    She said Mgrena that "reforms It could pose a challenge, and that the European Union commends the courage of the Iraqi government to adopt these measures, and that the EU is continuing its commitment to using all means to work closely with Iraqi partners, including the European Union support to the liberated areas of Daash and strengthen the role of law and cooperation in the fight against terrorism, reconciliation and peace-building.

    "She said" the European Union and its member states are still committed to the implementation of the cooperation and partnership agreement with Iraq, in order to provide long-term help and improve the government's performance, the economy and the development of society, "pointing out that" The European Union reiterates its support for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the safety of home, and calls on all countries in the region to support the Iraqi government's efforts to hold reconciliation and the restoration of lasting peace and stability to Iraq,".

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