Abadi holds previous governments responsible for waste budgets for mismanagement [expanded]

2015/10/6 18:21

carrying Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, previous governments responsible for the waste of financial budgets "for mismanagement," returned the reform process adopted by the "long and arduous".

Ebadi said in his speech during his participation opening ceremony Hospital [sponsor] Specialist to calculate the Shrine in Karbala today, "We have a problem in the state administration and is a real problem, and there is sagging and the type of waste General of the budgets of repeated Iraqi state and some of this waste is bad management, organization and lack of interest, and this Detailed important than the joints of corruption in the state."

" There are projects done but it does not provide service, and there completed projects by 90% and we keep waiting so we have to look at the volume of imports that have been allocated for these projects already, but do not provide the desired service and that he considered corrupt 100% , which is evidence of the incompetence and lack of accountability and mismanagement in general.

"He pointed out that" resistance to change stems from the case of the corruption of the corrupt who do not want to organize things, because he Seychelles movement, so it will resist, because the reform would prevent their hands from reaching the public money, as There are objecting ignorance, and seem to think that their interests will be harmed.

"He continued Abadi, that" only rely on oil imports is not true, which must be to support imports of the economy and infrastructure and to increase the Iraqi competencies, but today because of this heavy reliance upon, we find it very difficult to secure imports , and at the same time is required from the state fight a fierce war with terrorism and the provision of services and salaries for citizens and employees.

"He stressed," we are facing a dilemma, and one of the causes is the spending in the previous phases, and spending on things that are not essential was supposed to be heading towards infrastructure and create new jobs rather than dependence on government jobs.

"The Prime Minister added that" the energies in a great community and we are proud of in addition to which migrated because of the former regime's policies or through sectarian strife that took place in Iraq after 2003 or from left to earn and work, and this should be the objective conditions available for her to return , but efficiency can not work alone and it needs a system sponsored to take advantage of them and we need them and our efforts to reform is to find such Almnthomh."

Said Abadi, that" there is leaner and routine in the state and even in the Council of Ministers, Vqrarth delivered by a disrupted government departments, and today we are working through reforms to remove these obstacles facing citizens, we have initiated a simplification of government procedures which relate to the citizens services, including in official transactions.

"He pointed out that" Iraq today the qualities contradictory, the first that Iraq is virgin land for investments which is attractive and we need everything and investors searching them In contrast, there are contradictory terms of a routine and obstruction, the investor looks at her negatively.

"He pointed out that" the hospital project [sponsor] represents a state of progress in the community and we hope replicated in Karbala and the provinces of another order of our environment are encouraging investment and this part of the reforms that we do In addition to the beatings at the hands of corrupt can sacrifice our children on the battlefield and defend the holy sites and the country at the same time allow the existence of corrupt us stretch their hands to the public money is not.

"And went Abadi, saying that" Some say we can not fight corruption, and say we will not allow any corruption we detect and we have evidence, it may not be that there will be forgiving in this aspect and that retribution is not for revenge, but for the goodness of society and to achieve justice in it. "

And the security situation confirmed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi presence made ​​by, saying," Today we achieve victories impressive on the battlefield stands us a lot of states to their advantage and we do not doubt it, but a common interest enemy Aldaasha threatens everyone. "

He added that" the international community began today accommodates this danger, and that the immigration of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to other countries pose a threat to social unity of those countries and deplete its resources, so you should to try to gain any help we can get, but it must be under the respect for Iraqi sovereignty.

"The prime minister stressed that" fighting on the ground is not only by the Iraqis and there are rumors of many other but We use the efforts of international and there are intelligence coordination of operations includes Russia Room , Syria and Iran as well as Iraq, an idea of understanding them three months ago, but so far we do not start the real work, and was leaking the idea a few days ago.

"However, saying" There is no intention or steps to find any fighter of foreign troops on the ground in Iraq and that is what we emphasize always We consider their presence in Iraq in violation of Iraqi sovereignty and we do not want to return a second time is not on the level of understanding or probabilistic as well. "

He explained," The issue of air cover is not only an Iraqi consent of all flight and transit reconnaissance aircraft air and lactation over the skies of Iraq must be signed by an Iraqi nor no approval wholesale, but each approval are separately and this approval ranging terms of reference Some of them need to be approved by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and some ministers and some of the other executive bodies being the form of humanitarian aid.

"He noted that" we have fighter jets F16 Iraqi The strikes carried out in several locations in Hawija and Anbar, Nineveh and were direct hits and painful and this Iraqi capabilities and fully Snstlm other meals of these aircraft in the coming months. "

He continued," There are also strikes also of the international coalition which is at the request of the previous government, based on a paragraph in the strategic framework between Iraq and the United States Agreement I am legally considered after Alasttharh agreement that it does not cover this aspect and this agreement where there is no military side at all and Abdltha fully develop and document states that the entry of any country in the coalition needs to be authorized and approval so all aviation and military blow need government approval and all this in order to respect Iraqi sovereignty, I did not find from these countries in the coalition attempt to override the sovereignty and there is respect for and commitment to them. "

Confirmed al-Abadi, said that" the first our dependence on our fighters on the ground and say that there is no value no military support and air cover if there is no fighters on the ground to fight for this the country and these are the real heroes.

"He added that" the international coalition did not give us what is expected of him, but this is not sufficient for us with him and his refusal to air Valgueta helps us to protect our troops and folk crowd of volunteers and our duty to protect them and minimize the sacrifices we benefit from any effort to achieve that and we do not have anti-with one, but we want to achieve Iraq's interest, and expressed surprise that Nthiz for this or that party and all countries intervene for their own interests, but taken care of by us is a convergence of interests.

"He revealed the prime minister for" the existence of 2000 and 2500 in Chechnya after fighters in Iraq have immense experience of the bombing, and that Russia did not not have accurate information so and made ​​it clear to them about it, and became they have to absorb the seriousness of the return of these to their country and became their assimilation of the importance of exchange of intelligence information and we do not like and hate one party over another, but we love our country and we are working to protect our citizens and our land, ".anthy