The Guardian: the most dangerous of "Daash" government corruption .. The key secret of wealth in Iraq

Tuesday 6 October 2015 | 07:47 evening

BAGHDAD / .. There are several aspects of government corruption in the Iraqi institutions recognized by the country's top leaders, to take several forms taken ample space of the interest of the Iraqi citizen large and resonate with the local media, which did not stop at this point to turn local crises in Iraq to the controversial international and analysis talking about axes wonders corruption did not pass on the researcher in history days.

That came across a lengthy investigation published by the newspaper "The Guardian" and translates as "eye Iraq News," and dealt with the diversity of forms of corruption in the Iraqi electricity sector and the multiplicity of aspects of use and marketed as a crisis traded and sometimes made of material need for some who have power at other times.

Where reported the Guardian newspaper in their investigation, which Aptdath are touched daily pattern of Iraqi citizens electrical engineer Iraqis as the "knight" talk about their work in three daily work sessions just to keep the few hours of energy present on the reality overshadowed by the fuel and electricity for trade, where the newspaper confirmed that the electricity dilemma ongoing since the Iraqi had consumed more than "40" billion US dollars since maintenance projects or seemed renewed, in a country with one of the first countries in the world in the production of fuel and energy to the rest of the world.

He said Knight told the Guardian that the gold lines are touched by basing Iraqi society base to escape the summer heat record a record level, where confirmed that government corruption is the one who originally brought the dilapidated network to this wretched stage.

He said the investigation that corruption reached to create what is known as "special lines stage", a government power lines continuous energy was supposed to go to hospitals and vital areas, but in fact went to the homes of people influential in the state and the owners of positions, where take these lines accounted for 40 % of the national capacity of the network to be distributed to 5% of the homes in Baghdad, while the distribution of the remaining 60% to 95% of General al-Baghdadi community, where he Fares that the electricity national grants for the rich and powerful who can afford to buy generators, who in turn distribute that even on homes Hamayatem and their relatives, following up by saying that the corruption to the extent of the use of the entire hospital's dependence on the national electricity while have their own generators do not use in order allocated to it in the market fuel sale and distribution of wealth to those in charge of these hospitals, which confirms the achievement of the Guardian that the circle of corruption not only enter senior officials, but even the youngest practitioner to the authority of a government official on the spot what may generate his money illegally.

Recalls that things concerning electricity in Iraq was brighter than now, where two years ago, the Iraqi parliament passed a law allowing the Department to contract with private companies for the renewal of the network $ 7 billion, but the deal ended as others, where something did not achieve them, and after the resignation of the minister formed a commission of inquiry did not submit its report to the day in the words of the Guardian, which made her one Iraqi officials from within the Committee on Energy and the reservation to be named, he said he had demanded the release of the Commission's report in 2011, but thanks to the influence of Deputy Speaker of Parliament then and who was of the same party of corrupt officials Within the report used his power to stop the investigation is completed and the launch of the report.

This comes at a time when global energy organization confirmed that Iraq is losing an average of $ 4 billion a year because of power shortages.

He said the investigation, citing other engineers in the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity that another form of corruption form was used, which is negotiating with is equipped with a large energy amount is enormous, and then at the last minute they grant contract is equipped with Chinese teams vast in price, where is the difference distributed to officials and members of associated committees overseeing the contract.

The Guardian also confirmed the nature of the general situation in Iraq after 2003, saying "that the regime in Iraq after the US invasion shift from fully harnessed to serve the dictator unite to mess public corruption, which included corruption granting Visa pilgrimage and the issuance of a passport, to print a textbook or create a power station or oil extraction field, where public commission was the bribe demanded by all of permeated his investment or contracts in Iraq, where the transformation of the US corruption which funded non-existent projects and stop with the formation of an Iraqi government, to the corruption of contracts are to be implemented in a different way less what is agreed. "

Guardian achieve their lists an interview with a person named "Fadi", one of the "investors" who worked with US forces when Iraq entered, where had the simple to sell printers and computers used stores, to turn with the new system to one of the largest financiers of the state departments, where he explained Fadi for Kardian Type of bribery in Iraq, saying "Every official, minister, Brigade, the key, the key is the person who, but the Son of the administrator or the son of his sister or his brother, where he is the business performance key, if I wanted to pass the deal or arrange an agreement with an organization you have to find the key and negotiate with him, "stressing that maintaining a good relationship with key cost money, gifts and trips between hospitality and direct submission of money in order to remember you when there is a large contract for its rewards.

Fadi also stressed explaining corruption in Iraq by saying "that some ministers with them, things do not work that way, because they are associated with businesses that either belong to parties affiliated with or sect or ethnicity that its representatives, in which case you purchase the contract of those companies and not by the minister directly," he said, adding that the margins which are added to the contracts are distributed between the investor and the officials were very significant to the extent that has not ratified if revealed, and this explains the loss of a very massive amount of Iraq budgets on projects that have not even work, which said Fadi that he almost stopped now, after lower prices Oil and shrinking interest margins for bribes or "benefits" as he put it.

Where they followed the Guardian account of the events of the meeting talking about a government employee enters the office in which the interview being called "Hamid" who works as an employee and inspection in one of the ministries, but the original is

An employee of the investors from the likes of "Fadi" to facilitate the passing of the necessary signatures and seals work in exchange for sums of money.

He added, "Hamid" to the previous layers of corruption and other new, said she imminent final payment to the investor of the ministry, which did not give him personally, but stop for a period of up to advancing financial exchange company to provide services where supplied the check and his disposal for a commission Ttrah between thousands of dollars, as commission on laundering money, where stressed that in the end "all arrested."

She described a meeting last interview with the chief inspector for the Ministry of Electricity did not disclose his identity, describing the nature of the meeting in his office, "overfilling artificial plants containing conditioning pumping coolness Akd teeth makes you wish to return to heat scalding abroad" where the recount by talking about corruption, saying "that inspectors They are just another layer of corruption in a giant network, and when he was asked by the newspaper report, which condemns the former minister and his disappearance and then receiving the minister accused the position of ministerial adviser responded by saying, "While live in a country with no law in which the sovereign will of the fear, the ministry are all corrupt, But you will not be able to do something so that I wanted, because all the corrupt Thasabh behind militia will come to avenge you if what you did, "stressing at the end of his speech," that there is no force on earth that can put an end to corruption in Iraq, not only in the Ministry of Electricity, but in all ministries , because the departments inspectors themselves are nests of corruption where all bureaucratic layer is another layer of corruption, corruption in Iraq, such as the Lord, learn of its existence, but you can not affirmed or denied."

Guardian concluded achieved certainly on the lips of one of the members of the Iraqi parliament, who said "that is not understood by the Iraqi people is that the financial corruption in the Iraqi government more dangerous by far than terrorism organization Daash the country, For the first time in history you will find that the oil country finds itself unable to pay dues the salaries of its staff and services. "

Edo Habib