Abadi renewed his criticism of the previous government and accusing her of "waste of public money."

October 6, 2015 16:21

New Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, criticizing the previous government, and carry the responsibility of the waste and the loss of public money, while the reasons for this attributed to poor "organization and lack of interest."

Said Haider al-Abadi, in a speech during the opening of the sponsor hospital in Karbala, that "the opening of the sponsor's Hospital is accomplishing important to least important than doing our security forces on the battlefield in the war against al (Dash) terrorist," and expressed his hope that "the contributing sponsor's Hospital in the reception and treatment of the wounded from the sons of our security forces and the popular crowd. "

In a related development, he drew Abadi, that "the previous government contributed to the general waste operations Iraqi funds, through all the previous budgets and," noting that the causes of "sources of waste come from poor management, organization and lack of interest by the previous government."

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi opened on Tuesday (2015,10,6), the sponsor of the Abbasid threshold hospital in Karbala opened at a cost of 120 billion dinars and a capacity of 200 beds, with the hospital administration confirmed, it includes 13 Hall operations, and separate sections for all diseases , it revealed that the operation of the hospital will be experimentally angels Iraqi and foreign.

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi attacked in a press conference last Saturday of corruption and described as "the ruler and commander of necessity" in previous governments, including the distribution of donations in times of elections.

Abadi and wondered, "Why does not have a cash reserve government," noting that "the government and its treasury received only $ 3 billion and there are $ 15 billion in debt and we are up to the month of July we pay benefits oil companies for the past years."

He added, "Is it acceptable that the policy of the country are moving this way and lose wealth in those years? Opulence with previous governments and increased bidding by the leader of necessity Is that permissible?" He is stressing that "this may not be the property of not being one because it belongs to the people and no one has the right be so kind to people and gives them increases even elect him and this is not true."

The prime minister pointed out that "the distribution of donations in times of election corruption must account for it and so we started taking advantage of being a corrupt elections to push Shi is not the king of the ruling because he belongs to the Iraqi people