Demonstrators offer sheet economic reforms of the Government of Abadi

Qurtas News / Baghdad - Raised the number of coordinating groups in the demonstrations that pervades the country about two months ago and the paper economic reforms, as suggested she express the concerns of the demonstrators, stressed the need to be honest with the citizens of available potentials and priorities that can be worked on by the government.

Says economic note received "Qurtas News", a copy of it, that "it is important to identify those responsible for the waste of development opportunities lost and the abolition of political, sectarian and ethnic quotas in the allocation of responsibilities the state and return to the competencies, frankness citizens possibilities available and priorities that can work on them

It proposes several lengthy economic recommendations, including "a focus on alternative policies to create enough jobs in production and service Syndrome fields, outside government employment, which exacerbated the disguised unemployment in the country and outside the reliability on oil scale, also calls for the provision of an increasing number of residential units, activating the lending and supporting actor of specialized banks for the growth of the construction industry, which will create job opportunities, and lead to reduced demand for the dollar."

The note also addressed the reference to the situation of the province of Basra to give "high priority to revive the province of Basra, the economy, and solving the problems of salinization of water for drinking and irrigated agriculture," in addition to "give water problems with neighboring important states that it deserves within the balance of our diplomacy tasks that were not active in this Dynamic regard to the interests of the country."

And it demanded the memorandum filed by the demonstrators as "legislation economic laws and activating the existing laws, such as the customs tariff, and the Consumer Protection Act and the law of retired workers in the private sector, and the Social Security Act, and the law of the distribution of federal financial resources, and conduct a transparent review of the policies of the distribution of state lands on the staff and senior officials either in the capital or in the provinces and the diagnosis criteria used for the distribution of land, "emphasizing the need to" re-establish Service Board as an independent body to review government employment proposals, and make it responsible for reviewing the foundations of the employment in the previous years, to make a well thought out reform measures in the state apparatus, and keep the economy the most important institutions and money from quotas like the Central Bank of finance, planning, agriculture, industry, water resources, electricity and ministries, and Aykalha to experienced and professional specialty fair figures."