Anbar Council confirms gray surround all ports and the approaching zero hour to clean it

Date: 06/10/2015 18:11

The President of the Council of Anbar province Krhot Halbusi morning, Tuesday, for the closure of all the city of Ramadi outlets cleared of gangs "Daash" criminal.

Said Halbusi told / information / The "zero hour to purge the city of Ramadi, full of gangs Daash criminal approached with only the final touches to initiate the campaign security upcoming efforts to cleanse the city and the loss of a few after the escape of large numbers of leaders and elements Daash."

He added that "preparations to launch the crackdown has been completed and there is no pause in military operations and that the next few days will witness a major security developments are in the salvation of criminal gangs Daash in Anbar process according to security plans overseen by senior leaders."

Halbusi said that "criminal groups Daash suffering from a difficult situation as a result of combat targeting strongholds by army artillery and warplanes in conjunction with the progress of the security forces on different axes from the city center." Finished / 12 a