"Integrity" to amend criminal laws on punishments for crimes of corruption

Forward confirmed fighting thieves of public money
Baghdad: new morning:

Student Chief Hassan Al-yassiri, integrity, modify some text in a punitive laws on punishments for crimes of corruption, that cause upheavals texts old and will no longer fit in with the status quo, he stressed that the integrity Commission will go ahead in the fight against corruption and the multiplying spoilers everywhere.
Al-yasseri said in a speech marking the start of a week of national integrity and attended "new morning", "you must modify some of the provisions contained in the law of penalties for corruption offences, to align with the current reality", stating that "these provisions were developed in the 1960s, some are no longer tailored to the current situation."

Yassiri stressed "the importance of public money and of embezzling or wasting it under any name whatsoever, and not taking it and his believes that State funds are unknown owner", stressing that "the integrity Commission will go ahead in the fight against corruption and the corrupt wherever they hit."
It also appealed to the integrity Commission, the Government of the need to apply the principle of equity by reducing salaries and not the principle of equal, confirming the intention of the Commission to make the Government and its reformist platform, called Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to 2016 years Declaration of integrity "and oust corrupt."

Al-yasseri said that "body integrity calls for the application of the principle of Justice to reduce salaries and not the principle of equality", noting "the importance of motivating employee fair and make it a model for others and not just accounting spoilers".
"The Commission is committed to the legal system and will remain independent professional has no political objectives, and operating under the umbrella of serious Constitution Law", noting that "teams are subjected to intimidation and thus unreasonable to give them low salaries, and they need support."
Ravi invited Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, the Declaration year 2016 year of integrity, which requires exclusion of corrupt Ministerial cab be free from any impurities.
Recall that crimes against the Iraqi legislator addressed money under penal law No. 111 of 1969, and was clearly in articles (330, 331, 340, 341), simple sanctioned most of imprisonment not exceeding two years, with ongoing judicial invitations come to amend these articles and particularly for damage in career that causes a waste of public money because the picture started to spread in abundance on the current corruption without a strong deterrent, with strict provisions should be protracted Contracting Parties with Government agencies at the expense of public money because the legislature is not criminalised under the pretext that it entered into a contract civilians in accordance with civil law.
He was speaker of the House of Salim al-Jabouri, Wednesday (30 September 2015), Parliament was keen to support the work of body integrity and oversight role to eliminate corruption as new Chairman of the Agency, Hassan Al-yasiri keenness to continue detecting corrupt files and "expose" spoilers