A government source / scales News /: China, North Korea may Andman coalition quartet

Special scales News - He favored a government source, Tuesday, PR China and North Korea join the joint intelligence coordination between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria clearing house to eliminate the organization Daash terrorist, stressing that Russia is waiting for the green light from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to start air raids on the stronghold of al Daash terrorist in Iraq.

The source said that holding a government official's / scales News / "There are assurances that the accession of China and North Korea to Baghdad information intelligence joint center between Iraq and Russia, Syria and Iran," revealing that "the Chinese planes, model J-15 from the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning -CV-16 and it reached the shores of Syria through the Suez Canal."

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, "The Iraqi delegation includes high-ranking political and military figures arrived in Moscow to discuss air strikes against al Daash terrorist in Iraq", he underlined that "the Russian side is waiting for the green light from Abadi in this regard."

The "source intelligence Iraqis revealed that the joint security information center for the exchange of intelligence in the capital Baghdad, the military personnel Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria will begin its work in the next couple of months", acknowledging that "vanguard of experts and advisers Russians and Iranians arrived in Baghdad to prepare for the start of work" quartet alliance " which will be launched in the next two months."

It is said that "a government source revealed, earlier, that the intense security meetings would begin within the next 24 hours between Iraqi military experts and the Russians and the Iranians and the Russians to agree on a mechanism of action and plans of joint security information center."

This "said media adviser to the Ministry of Defense official and spokesman Naseer Mohammed Nouri that the agreement between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria on the establishment of a joint security information center aimed at the eradication of terrorism."

It is said that "the leadership of the joint operations, announced earlier, the presence of security and military cooperation with Russia, Iran and Syria in Baghdad to eliminate the terrorist organization Daash" .anthy 29/28