"Quadripartite alliance" holds its meetings in Baghdad

An Iraqi security official said on Tuesday that intelligence cell, which includes experts from Iraq, Syria, Russia and Iran, held its meetings in Baghdad, after the completion of processing allocated to security coordination among the intelligence operations room.

He said Iskandar and berries, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament, said that "experts from the four countries actually began to hold meetings in Baghdad, after the processing of the operating room means of communications necessary to coordinate the intelligence and equipment."

He explained that "the Russian intervention Daash organization bombed sites in Iraq, need a formal request from the Iraqi government, but so far has not provided such request to Russia."

He told Anatolia that "the security and defense committee in Parliament yesterday discussed the intelligence cell Quartet position, and agreed on the need to demand from Russia beat Daash sites in Iraq."

And on the failure to provide the Iraqi government a formal request to Russia for bombing "Daash" sites in the northern and western provinces, see Khalil Naimi, retired Brigadier General of the Iraqi army, the Iraqi decision to need more time.

Al-Naimi said that "Russia's entry in the war on Daash in Iraq, need to unite the internal official position and get the lowest amount of non-US opposition," adding that "there is a split in Iraq on the matter, as the Shiites and Kurds in favor of Russian participation, while the year refuse, and (Haider) Abadi (Iraqi Prime Minister), win the support of Russia's year to participate and this requires more time."

As it pointed out that the US position also puts pressure on al-Abadi to prevent submitted the request to Russia, noting that the latter "does not want to lose a strategic ally (the United States), and that the battle with Daash still in its infancy, and the capabilities of Iraq combat is still limited."

He revealed an Iraqi official, (who requested anonymity) last Sunday, for the agreement to be the presidency of the intelligence cell Quartet patrol every 3 months, and that each representative of the four countries have six advisers, noting that it has been selected cell headquarters in Baghdad, "because most of the activities International Alliance of get on the Iraqi land, as well as to avoid any collision between the Russian aircraft and the international coalition, "according to the source.

Prime Minister al-Abadi, said last Saturday that the United States reserved the security coordination quartet, as he emphasized that his country does not have any reservation in case Russia decided to hit the "Daash" sites in Iraq after obtaining the approval of Baghdad, as he put it.