British report reveals US auspices of the talks between the Iraqi government and Baathists

Follow-up scales News - The Independent newspaper reported, the United States and the United Nations sponsor a meeting in Tanzania between Iraqi government officials and leaders of the Baathists for joint cooperation between the two sides of the face of the terrorist organization Daash-controlled areas in the north and west of the country since the middle of last year.

A report by the newspaper said that "the Iraqi government opened secret talks with Iraqi Sunni figures linked to militias and elements of the former Baathist regime in an attempt to include them in the ranks of the army, and get their support for the fight against the organization of the Islamic state."

The report pointed out that "the first round of talks took place in the Qatari capital Doha earlier this month, followed by a second round after two weeks in Tanzania", as it is scheduled to determine the other three rounds, depending on reliable Iraqi sources.

The Independent was able to see pictures of the meetings that took place in Tanzania attended by representatives of Western and African, as well as representatives of Iraq's Shiite government.

The report concluded by noting that "the United States and the United Nations sponsor the talks" .anthy 29 / d 25