Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to Thursday 10/5/2015
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Thread: Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to Thursday 10/5/2015

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    Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to Thursday 10/5/2015

    Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to Thursday

    Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, announced Monday, for the postponement of the meeting scheduled to take place between the five Kurdish parties on Tuesday to next Thursday, while the reasons for the delay attributed to the presence of the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation outside Iraq.

    The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan delegation Saadi Ahmed beer in remarks to a number of media, including, (range Press), that "there have been many attempts to hold a meeting on the sixth of this month to discuss the presidency of the region," stressing that "the meeting was postponed to eighth from this month, which falls on Thursday."

    He attributed the beer reasons to postpone the meeting to "head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation Rose Nuri Shaways still on a visit outside the country, is scheduled to return on Wednesday, the seventh of October the current."

    The Presidency of the Office of the Kurdistan region announced, in September 2015 17 from the end of the eighth meeting of the five parties of Kurdistan, while the four Kurdish parties submitted to the Kurdistan Democratic Party two options for the election of the President of the Region, and pointed out that the next meeting will be after Eid al-Adha, as described today's meeting as " good."

    The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani stressed, in (the first of September 2015), that the political problems in the Kurdistan region within the democratic and development process, and with all the parties assured that any errors will not occur at this stage, pointed out that this crisis has shown that the Peshmerga forces Her issue is out of the party was the template, and the duty to protect the country in the best way.

    The Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, announced in (26 August 2015), the Chairperson of the five parties in the region agreement, the 13 private project presidential law paragraph, while among the points of contention remaining will be discussed early next week with the participation of representatives of the Kurdish ingredients and representatives of political parties that have representation in parliament, confirmed that the United States has asked the political forces twice the need to extend the mandate of the current President of the region, Massoud Barzani, until the end of the legislative session.

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