Trade PUSHES distribution of the ration card items 10/5/2015
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Thread: Trade PUSHES distribution of the ration card items 10/5/2015

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    Trade PUSHES distribution of the ration card items 10/5/2015

    Trade PUSHES distribution of the ration card items

    Tomorrow Lars / Baghdad: The Ministry of Commerce, on Monday, the ministry is continuing the distribution of the ration card items, which include material, rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil, in addition to the baby milk. he said Ziraltjarh Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim told a news conference held at the ministry building and attended by "tomorrow Press" , "The amounts of the ration card should be available annually vocabulary distributed as follows: 4.4 million tons of wheat and about two hundred thousand tons of rice 1,200,000 1.912 million tons of sugar and 500 000 tons of baby milk and 600 000 tons of edible oil." He said that the ministry has distributed ration card items among the more than 500 thousand displaced people generality of Iraq, noting that the current year will be an excellent year in the provision of these items.

    With regard to the next session of the International Baghdad Fair Trade Minister he stressed that "23 countries officially announced their participation in this event, the 42 economic edition in addition to 500 local, Arab and international companies."

    Abdul Karim said, "As explained by the Ministry of Commerce have the desire at the opening of supermarkets by offering to invest and that will be through Musataha," revealing that "the prices of materials and goods that will be sold across these markets would be appropriate, accessible on the Iraqi citizen Karim".

    In the area of trade exchange between the Iraq, Turkey and Minister of Commerce declared that "trade with neighboring Turkey size has been reduced to nine billion, which was about ten billion last year and that the terms of trade are distributed in the fields of the economy several."

    He said Abdul Karim that "the ration card you need great efforts to keep the vocabulary through a further strengthening of the money and not to transfer amounts to other sections fact that the ration card contribute to the stability of food security, "referring to measures to address the scarcity of oil material through contracting and purchase this article from the global origins and continuous ministry in the procurement process and is working to change the global origins of quality to provide good."

    He pointed out that the ministry "is witnessing a comprehensive reform process in response to the appeal of a good reference and guidance of the Prime Minister has been established various committees aimed at evaluating the performance of workers in the ministry as well as the search for new efficiencies enjoyed integrity and impartiality."

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