Ports: taxes and delay beyond the 14 Iranian vessel in Basra

- OCTOBER 5, 2015

Kuwait returns 18 Iraqi fishing vessel held

BAGHDAD just Shaima

Basra - time

General Company of Iraqi Ports of the Ministry of Transport confirmed the delay entry 14 Iranian commercial vessel loaded with cement docked in the port stronghold in the province of Basra because of the increased sales tax after a stop for a month Fimaaadt Kuwait 18 Iraqi fishing vessel has been impounded.

He said the company's media director Anmar net (time) yesterday that (14 Iranian vessel docked in the port of commercial stronghold and was delayed in entering because of special sales tax that had been developed by the Ministry of Finance on certain kinds of imported goods from the action).

He said (the ships had obtained the approval of entry to Iraqi ports, but the delays are caused by the existence of taxes on their cargo and Tokhrousol book is being circulated in the application of tax law on imported goods, prompting the Iranian side to review the circuit in order to allow them to enter and reduce taxes or canceled and received a promise from of the Ministry of Finance departments in this regard).

Stressing that (the delay was not from ports company is not responsible for the survival of the Iranian ships in the harbor for a whole month) to a source in a statement said yesterday (14 merchant ship Iranian loaded with at least 17 thousand tons of cement imported by Iraqi traders It parked in the Shatt al-Arab since the beginning of last month to avoid the imposition of sales tax on large payloads but started since yesterday and the progress dock in the commercial port stronghold which lies a few kilometers from the area, which was parked in).

He added that the (ships where dozens of Iranian sailors works considered delaying anchoring at the port in the hope of cargoes exception of the increase in sales that suddenly imposed financial traders and importers tax, but the long wait did not help).

He pointed out that (the sales tax increase hit the port stronghold paralyzed during the past few weeks).

He is stressing that the (Iranian ships that docked at the port became the crews feel comfortable after that and faced harsh conditions during the past few weeks as the authorities do not allow foreign crews to disembark from ships only after anchoring at the port, which cause them to the suffering caused by the depletion of their stocks of fuel and food, as well as their feeling bored). And it announced the Association for fishermen in Faw of the province and overlooking the Gulf that the Kuwaiti authorities have returned this year, all ships and the Iraqi fishing boats that were withheld except two ships Kadimtin for can not be transferred, pointing to the existence of efforts to recover the fishing vessel paid two years before the storm toward the Kuwaiti island of Failaka and remained stuck In which.

The director of victory Association for fishing and marketing of fish Badran Issa al-Tamimi in yesterday told The (Kuwaiti authorities have returned during the current year by Iraqi naval force all ships and boats Iraqi fishing, which was held to have suspicion override the maritime border of Kuwait).

He said that (the 18 small ship and a fishing boat has been re-each one of them separately and the last ship has returned a few weeks ago). He pointed out that (Kuwait is still retain my ship hunting for Kadimtin can not be transferred).