Governor of Kirkuk: We will not remain idle due to lack of dues to maintain exchange

Alsumaria News / Kirkuk - He threatened the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim , on Monday, that the province will not remain idle due to lack of financial dues exchange, pointing out that the province has not received any support from the government in spite of receiving 600 thousand displaced people.

Karim said in a statement received Alsumaria News a copy of it, that "the citizens of Kirkuk, those who are patient and have suffered and continue to face challenges are well aware that failure to respond to their legitimate demands will drive us to new options and alternatives to take advantage of the wealth of Kirkuk and private resources to study the possibility to benefit from levies electricity, water and other resources," adding that "Kirkuk administration understands the magnitude of the challenges in Iraq, but it can not remain with folded arms and more challenging."

Karim added that "Kirkuk received more than 600 000 displaced people did not receive support from the federal government or the provinces that were displaced and the bone of the challenges and make the displaced people of Kirkuk put a human toughest," explaining that "non-displaced in response to calls to return to their towns liberated impact on the provision of essential services".

Cream and warned that "continuing to ignore the Kirkuk with respect to non-financial dues exchange and the lack of government and parliamentary mechanism with regard to the return of displaced us to enter a new phase of the deal and management Alkaragokyin affairs so as to ensure the provision of services and to promote security and prosperity to them", criticizing the "stuck to some of the ministries covered by the transfer of powers and that still hamper the application of the law."

It is noteworthy that the province of Kirkuk, claimed on various occasions and constantly federal government, regardless of financial dues from the general budget.