The completion of the capital increase of "Elite Contracting" procedures

Direct said registration of the Iraqi Ministry of Trade Enterprises Department, The Elite General Contracting and Real Estate Investments (SNUC) - Iraq's listed market, completed the special procedures to increase capital.

The "Company" has announced that the IPO capital increase not covered fully, reaching the capital of the company after the IPO 2.06 billion dinars, an increase of 65.51 million dinars, of which 20 million as a result of the public offering, and 45.52 million of the IPO original shareholders.

Prior to that, the "Company" extended the subscription period in the capital increase for a period of 30 days, starting from 23 June, and the IPO has begun to Sunday, May 24th for the capital increase of 2 billion dinars to five billion dinars, an increase accounted for 150% of the capital .

And working "Elite Contracting" in the capital goods sector, and focus on the construction and engineering, and has had nine branches operating in all parts of Iraq.