Pentagon sources: a possible attack Russian ground within days in Syria
08:00: 05/10/2015

Khandan - Two sources revealed the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), said that the latest assessment of the Russian presence in Syria appears send reinforcements ground offensive weapons, to be used against the West Syria opposition forces away from the elements of the "Daash" terrorist.

He drew one of the sources that these reinforcements in arms include a variety of artillery weapons, including four multiple launch of missiles such as MLRS and BM-30 systems, which are high precision in hitting targets systems, and that these weapons spotted in the area between Homs and Idlib and areas of western Idlib, and does not know in this time whether these weapons in their final locations to start strikes.

Another source said that America sees the move as an "acceleration in the wild activity," which targets the opposition and not Daash, pointing out that during the weeks prior spotted a United States entry artillery weapons to the port of Latakia and were intelligence believes is aimed to protect the harbor, but now the latest move this It refers to a possible ground offensive in the coming days.

And it threw light on the sources that Russia has introduced electronic jamming weapons to Syria.