Barzani announces resignation from office but with conditions ..?

7:42 p.m. 05/10/2015

Condition of Kurdistan Region President Massoud Albarrazna to be the new president of the province of the same from his party, which approves his appointment in return agrees to give up his post, which lasted during the past period.
He announced Mullah Bakhtiar body operating in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau official, from the National Union's position on the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, stressing that with the Patriotic Union of compatibility within the project of four parties.
He said Mullah Bakhtiar, in a press statement, said that the political parties and work seriously to reach a political consensus to achieve the goals and aspirations of the people of Kurdistan, adding, that in the event of early elections, four parties will agree on a strong candidate for the presidency of the province Kordstnan.