Parliament speaker warns of lack of financial inventories of Iraq and emphasizes the fight against corruption

05-10-2015 03:00 PM

Warned House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, the scarcity of financial inventories of Iraq in the face of the economic crisis resulting from the decline in oil revenues.

Jubouri said in his speech launching the activities of the National Integrity in Baghdad, on Monday: "Everyone knows but what we have from financial stocks today is much less than we need to pass the crisis, so it has to be unite to find a chance Tasmna from collapse and we believe that the most important step in this direction is the trapping of corruption and Characters and tools and mechanisms of work. "

"We meet today and we are in dire need for sensitive and critical trading Bhaonna where dialogue has become necessary to face reveals the truth and deal with it without hesitation."

He said al-Jubouri, "We have to stop Iraq in the face of difficult circumstances over the past years and it was terrorism at the forefront of these challenges and the dangers we did not and since the first moment in this confrontation to review Hacabatna and our position in this confrontation of our faith in the need for this position and Ojoppe moral and legitimate and national."

The Chairman of the House of Representatives that "Despite the enormity of the outcome of this battle that we lost because of them precious and precious lives of our honorable but endured liability for this price Expensive for victory coming away or he soon but we also Adkrna that there was thickens in men confrontation appearance through our necrosis Interior which was dragging its feet in the face of construction and reconstruction because vampires bounties people and thieves his money which is supposed dinars which builds the nation and equips last battle. "

He explained, "I've managed to corruption ft sails of the state in a moment of important moments and helped the enemy and we put obstacles in the way of renaissance and progress of the country and weakened our ability to build a state and its institutions and trapping successive crises because of the war."

He stressed Jubouri on an "action plan and strategy and a clear and bold to confront corruption and surround begin to work towards accounting theory in the first step and then go to the search for our money stolen and looted wherever they are and retrospective and the prosecution of the movement of these funds track and follow-up methods of laundered twisted."

He also called for "accountability of all those who are found to eliminate involvement of corruption without taking into account any political consideration, and we believe that the three involved institutions in the first place to achieve this step is Parliament Legislative turn that makes laws safety valve to keep the state property on the one hand and his oversight, specifically Committee Parliamentary Integrity second, the Integrity Commission and the institution with its own role gives it the ability to cope with disaster Alagafsad to uncover the perpetrators and those involved. "

He added The other organization is the elimination Foundation, which is entrusted with the finals to inflict the punishment of all those involved and Gul and penetrated the Iraqi people from the Forbidden benefits of space. "

He stressed Jubouri "We are today on the touchstone of achieving reform the expeditious liberalization of state funds by liberating the land and the economic crisis stifling stands in the point of the next plan of reform and if we are not complete ability to achieve this map, we can not move forward Every reforms its financial bush."

He expressed regret "that we find Iraq from lists that diagnose where in the district of transparency and integrity," adding that "This is something we are concerned and will not remain with folded arms about it We have drawn the Parliamentary Integrity Commission to provide all files that have worked during the past period and will witness the next stage, revealing her front and people under the dome of the parliament. "