Keywords: We will focus on the private sector

October 4 2015 19:44

The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Sunday, he will focus on the private sector, noting that previous budgets did not go for the construction of a production base, while stressing the need to activate the product and the consumer customs and tariff protection laws.

And he said: We must focus on the private sector because state spending through state institutions was not able to expand the productive base of the country or see you build various sectors, but turned to the opportunity to expand human resources and in a form which has become the consuming units which are derived from abroad.

"He added Keywords that" spending must be directed to the private sector to build a real production base, "noting that" spending policy for the past years there was no program in those budgets go to build the productive base, especially industrial and agricultural.

"The relationships that" private initiative with a loan of five trillion dinars can not be successful unless there is a control on the entry goods and activate the product and the consumer and tariffs, which began Protection Act did not apply, "pointing out that" not activated will just Iraq of advancement despite the availability of the necessary components and raw materials, human and funding opportunities.

"The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Monday (September 7, 2015) , from the start the launch of the largest funding for lending programs in Iraq, noting that they belong to the financing of industrial, agricultural and housing sectors also supports small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economy.